April 16, 2014

By the Bay

Over the weekend we took a nice little two day trip to the Texas coast with Matt's parents... it was a perfect little getaway, and of course I snapped a few photos while we were there.  

I am busy getting work done before an out of town friend arrives this week, so I'll keep this short and sweet today. I have missed blogging lately. Oftentimes while driving in the car or soaking in the bath or working on other things, the urge to write and be creative will hit me, but what's lacking now is the time or perhaps just the desire to make the time. I'm happy to have this space still here for me, though, like an old friend available for a chat over coffee whenever life permits.

Hope you're all having an excellent week...

April 15, 2014

Gracie & Cooper review their first PetBox

 photo Petbox-6886_zps89ca90e0.jpg

Gracie and Cooper were so thrilled when the kind folks at PetBox sent them over a box to sample. They each have a little something to say about their experience, so I thought I'd give them the floor this morning. Take it away, kids.

Gracie (the brown one): 
"First of all, we'd like to apologize for our Mommy. She never blogs anymore, and she also doesn't walk us nearly as much as she should. Just look at how fat Cooper is, if you need any proof.

Second of all, and most importantly, I knew this "PetBox" was something special before Mommy even opened it. It smelled quite good. I, however, was most interested in the Platypus toy. And least interested in the shampoo and conditioner. In fact, Mommy tried to wash us with it after these photos were taken, and I escaped. Cooper, however, just sat there and took it. He is a pansy."

Cooper (the black & white one): 
"I am sorry there are no good photos of me. If I am doing something cute and mommy tries to take a picture of it, I immediately stop doing the cute thing and run away. I learned this behavior from my daddy.

As for the PetBox, it was awesome! There was food and treats and medicine for if we get hurt. There was a toy, but Gracie never lets me have any toys. There was also shampoo and conditioner. I don't like being washed, but I do love all the hugs and kisses mommy gives me when we're done, and that she can't stop smelling my fur. I love mommy."

 photo Petbox-6873_zps3e9ea9ce.jpg  photo Petbox-6893_zpsd4e2ead3.jpg

So there you have it, folks. We really enjoyed our PetBox. If Gracie and Cooper didn't do a good enough job of convincing you to try it, here's some fun facts:

-          PetBox is currently the only customizable box of premium pet goodies, for both cats and dogs
-          All products are made in the US
-          For every PetBox purchased, a rescue animal is fed
-          It’s the only customizable subscription box where you pick what’s in it
-          Toys and treats are customized by dog or cat size
-          Every Friday, PetBox sends out a huge shipment of dog & cat food to a rescue shelter – picked by PetBox fans

Happy Tuesday! :)

April 8, 2014

Back at the Ranch (+A Wildflower Study)

This past weekend was my first time back at the ranch in over a year... I missed the place, I really did.  Spring is my favorite time there, and I really enjoyed scavenging for wildflowers and documenting each kind I found. Things were a little sparse due to lack of rain in the area lately, but in another couple weeks I bet the place will be overrun with life.

I've learned to put my camera down lately and just enjoy moments for the most part (or, rather, I've had to adopt this practice lately to save myself even more editing than what's on my plate regularly for my business!), but here's just a few more shots from our weekend...

^ sifting dirt for arrowheads (we didn't find any... bummer) ^

^ do you spy anything slithery in this picture...? ^

^ these antlers are exactly where the buck that shed them left 'em! ^

"Blackie" the friendly piggie and her babies

March 31, 2014

Redefining Style

Shirt & Skirt: Urban Outfitters

I haven't really bought clothes in ages. We're in the home stretch before Matthew gets his bar results and hopefully gets a job, and there just isn't any extra to spend on non-essentials for a little while. You kind of get out of the habit of non-essential shopping, and I'm so busy with work that I haven't really had much time to think about what I'm missing. 

As this blog has changed from profitable to more just-for-fun, I've stopped accepting new advertisers, and the less-committed feel which I'm sure now comes across has slowed down offers for courtesy-of clothes, too. Meaning, if I want new clothes, I'm going to have to buy them myself (welcome to the rest of the world, right?). Not complaining. In fact, it's actually really refreshing. I'm redefining my own personal style, and I have the opportunity to wear only what I really love.

I think you'll probably notice a bit of a difference from now on, at least in the images that appear on this blog. I feel like so much of who I am is changing and maturing and just undergoing a bit of a redefine. And that's healthy. I don't think humans are supposed to stay the same. It's aaaallll good. 

Shirt & Skirt: Urban Outfitters

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March 20, 2014

The beginnings of our garden

I still want to talk about the food revolution we experienced after watching those documentaries, but I just haven't quite had time to formulate my thoughts yet. I can say, though, that said "revolution" invoked a desire to grow our own food (or, more accurately, our stupidly high grocery bills have done the invoking), and we have now started our very first backyard garden. We don't really know what we're doing and so we're crossing our fingers we don't kill everything we've planted, but so far it's been a really fun thing to do together as a couple and we are so excited to eat food that we grew from babies and feel more of a connection to. 

This nursery in the photos is called It's About Thyme, and we've really, really enjoyed the couple of trips we've made there so far. Everyone is so helpful and the plants are actually cheaper than at places like Lowe's or Home Depot. We thought it would be the other way around. It's also a really fun place to snap some gorgeous photos.  I am falling more and more in love with plants and gardening and all things pure and given to us by the earth. We all really need to rekindle our connection with our planet, and I think for us, it's starting with reconnecting to the food we eat. So far it's been a nice journey. 

And in our own backyard.... if all goes well, we'll have tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, squash, zucchini, arugula, some kind of fancy lettuce, turnips, strawberries, basil, parsley, and mint. :)

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